Website Consultation

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At RPDesign we believe the planning phase is the foundation for any website development project. This process is designed to identify the goals and objectives of your website and is essential before commencing your website build.

We will explore your objectives, recommended solutions, customised branding and marketing strategies, competitor analysis, future potential opportunities and develop a site plan. This will create a strong foundation and strategy for your website.

Some considerations to bring to this process include:

  • Company mission statement and purpose
  • Business vision and point of difference
  • Target market(s)
  • Current customer base
  • Competition
  • Overview and visual style
  • Other existing and planned marketing strategies
  • Purpose of the website
  • Call to action
  • Most urgent priorities and aims for longer term

Graphic design includes all of the graphics people see when visiting your website. It’s much more than just the images you use. Great graphic design means looking at a website as a whole instead of as just a collection of ‘cool’ graphics. It includes the colours, photographs, graphical elements, and even the way the text is placed on the page. Navigation within a visually attractive website also helps keep readers on your website.


IT Services

We work with and recommend Webhive ( for IT expertise and suggest you contact Jackie Stallard who has thirty years of IT and marketing experience.

Webhive can help you with your website and social media to give you a website that:

  • Looks professional
  • You can edit yourself
  • Displays well on mobile phones, tablets and laptops. (Pew Research estimates that by 2014 more people will be browsing the internet on mobile devices than computers. People don’t bother with sites that don’t fit on their screens, so this is really important.)
  • Has social media buttons and feeds
  • Is easy to read and navigate
  • Captures attention and guides customers through some predetermined actions (eg phoning you or clicking ‘Buy’)
  • Makes people want to buy – because they can see you know your stuff and have lots of happy customers
  • Saves you time, because we’ve answered frequently asked questions
  • Makes you proud
  • In technical terms, I can do:
  • WordPress
  • Shopping carts
  • Web forms
  • Mobile responsive templates
  • Search engine optimisation